Energy Toolbase - Demo Webinar

Hosted weekly on Thursday's @ 1pm PST

Energy Storage Demo Webinar

Hosted once monthly on Wednesday's

We'll overview all aspects of our Energy Storage module within the Energy Toolbase platform, including:

  • How to accurately determine the savings and project economics for any type of Energy Storage System (ESS).
  • How to utilize our ESS proposal templates to present the value proposition of ESS in a clear and compelling fashion.
  • How to use our 'ETB Optimizer' to determine the best ESS system size for a given project.
  • Demo our energy storage vendor integrations.

Utility Rates -

Webinar Series

Hosted once monthly by our team of utility rates experts

"SCE Proposed Rates" (1/9/18 @ 11am PST)

About the hosts:

Scott D'Ambrosio

VP of Sales & Integration

Rion Dixon

Sr. Account Manager

Brooke Martinez

Utility Rates Manager

Paulina Rosencrans

Account Manager

Matt Cimo

Sr. Account Manager

Tracy Fosterling

Marketing Manager

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